Month: July 2015

StockTech provides simple solutions for farmers at Smithfield Festival

StockTech provides simple solutions for farmers at Smithfield Festival

Supporting commercial farmers by providing the tools and ideas required to drive their businesses forward efficiently, is the focus of the new StockTech area at the East of England Smithfield Festival this November.

“Producing stock efficiently has never been more important, as farmers feel the pressure of ever fluctuating prices for prime stock,” says William Haire, East of England Showground agricultural development manager.

“We will be supporting progressive producers who want to keep up-to-date with the latest industry developments, with a new StockTech area at the festival this year.

“Practical and simple solutions that use precision technology and innovative techniques can help us all to make efficiencies within our own sheep and beef businesses,” says Mr Haire.

“StockTech is all about delivering modern precision farming technology and concepts in a practical way. There is much research and development undertaken on behalf of the industry, and it’s important we take every opportunity to get a close look at the results and these fresh ideas where it can help us to produce stock as resourcefully as possible.”

The organising committee at the East of England Agricultural Society are passionate about safeguarding the traditional values of the Smithfield Festival, whilst at the same time ensuring that the festival on the 26 and 27 November is relevant and useful for the modern sheep and beef producer.

“Working with a wide range of industry partners within the StockTech zone, there will be a variety of experts on hand, alongside demonstrations and seminars of an advisory, educational and practical nature.

“There will be something for everyone; challenging ideas for existing stock keepers, alongside guidance for arable farmers in the region who may be considering diversifying and looking for some helpful advice. Anyone who wants to learn about best practice and new and innovative methods of producing stock, should visit StockTech,” concludes Mr Haire.

Festival organisers, the East of England Agricultural Society, have confirmed that exhibitor and trade stand packs are now available, and those exhibitors who have stock entered in LiveScot can be accommodated with an early exit.

King’s Hedges Pupils excel in Queen Mother’s Handwriting Awards

King’s Hedges Pupils excel in Queen Mother’s Handwriting Awards

 King’s Hedges Pupils Excel in Handwriting Competition


King’s Hedges Educational Federation pupils have proved their success by recently winning first, second and third place in a handwriting competition run by the East of England Agricultural Society.  Pupils were assessed on the neatness and legibility of a short piece of literature, designed to test their motor skills appropriate for their age.  The winning pupils, all from KS1, wrote the ‘Five Little Owls’ poem by Barbara Ireson.   Their teacher, Miss Natalie Martin commended the children by saying “We have a big emphasis on handwriting and presentation at King’s Hedges Educational Federation and the children take great pride in their work. The children enjoyed writing the poem and we are delighted for them to have won first, second and third prize”.


“In an age of keyboards, it is wonderful to see the school still putting such emphasis on hand writing. That the top three entries in this competition all come from Kings Hedges Primary is a tribute to the school,” said Geoff Dodgson, a trustee of the East of England Agricultural Society and Senior Consultant at Cambridge-based marketing agency Ware Anthony Rust. “It was a pleasure to meet the children and be greeted so politely and enthusiastically.”

The school’s headteacher reflected on the presentation by adding “it is great to see that our pupils are recognised and rewarded for their hard work and attention to detail in their handwriting skills. A huge well done to them all, we are very proud of them”.