Food Direct from the Farm

Food Direct from the Farm succinctly describes the food now consumed at the East of England Showground, whether for a Gala dinner, a conference or a consumer event.

Supporting Food Direct from the Farm means helping promote:-

  • British Farming and the Countryside
  • Rural Life and the Environment
  • Fabulous Local and Regional Food

By choosing to eat locally produced British Food you can:-

  • Help Improve the Environment We Live In – Buying locally means cutting down on food miles – the distance from farm to fork, helping to reduce pollution and create a better environment. The majority of Food Direct from the Farm suppliers fall within a 30 mile radius of the Showground.
  • Promote Great Tasting Food – Unlock your tastebuds! Imported food grown for the UK market is often harvested early, left to ripen artificially and uses large amounts of chemicals for preservation, often resulting in bland tasting food.
  • Put Something Back Into the Local Economy – Choosing to source foods locally will help regenerate the local economy and save rural communities which are in danger of disappearing as local farmers and shops struggle to compete in a global market place.
  • Get Better Value for Money – Often perceived as more expensive, Food Direct from the Farm is by far more nutritious than processed food, ensuring the food you eat is free from additives, artificial colourings and fully traceable.
  • Support Animal Welfare – Britain is recognised as having some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world. Buying British helps maintain these standards, ensuring the animals that produce the food we eat are well looked after.


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