The Marshal Papworth Fund

The Marshal Papworth Fund

Marshal Papworth was a farmer from Huntingdonshire and member of the East of England Agricultural Society.

The Marshal Papworth Fund was established in 2001 with a legacy to the Society left by the late Marshal Papworth and provides one year scholarships to educate agricultural and horticultural students from developing countries.

Wholly managed by the East of England Agricultural Society the prime aim is to identify students who will return to their home country after their studies to use their knowledge for the benefit of their fellow countrymen.

The first students to benefit from these courses began their studies in the academic year of 2002/03. To date over 139 scholarships have been awarded to applicants from around the world.

The Fund acts as support and network to students when they return to their home countries. This enables the Fund to maintain strong links with their communities and giving them the ability to learn how the students’ skills are being utilised and developed to meet Marshal Papworth’s original vision.

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