Cultiv8 is the East of England Agricultural Society members group for young professionals working within agriculture and the allied industries.  Based at the Showground in Peterborough, Cultiv8 aims to create networks of positive minded people to share ideas and knowledge, for their own benefit and that of the wider industry.

Cultiv8 has several aims- to share knowledge and create understanding within farming about the complexity of food production and its distribution, to learn from other industries and apply ideas that they use to agriculture as well as training opportunities to learn about the skills used by big business to manage their finances, marketing, etc. to name but a few.

A unique feature of Cultiv8 is the variety of experience within the group. Having members from so many sectors, all of a similar age group, means there are people knowledgeable about a huge range of subjects, making it the ideal place to get information and find people to act as a “sounding board” before going further.

At the moment ‘meetings’ are held monthly, aiming for the 3rd Thursday of the month. Where we go and what we do at Cultiv8 is driven by the ideas that our members give us so don’t be deceived by the word meeting! Our meetings are inspiring and interactive. We value being out and about, getting visual or hands on experience and asking the questions others are afraid to.

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For more information about Cultiv8 please contact William or Ruth at the Society.


 We do encourage those that attend our meetings to purchase a membership, priced at £30, but feel free to come along and try a meeting out first.

As a member you get access to ‘members only’ meetings in addition to all the same benefits as a member of the of the East of England Agricultural Society (This includes voting rights at the AGM) EEAS Membership info

Purchasing membership can be done online or via a membership form that can be downloaded Here and returned to us via post with payment.

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