Awards & Results

Awards & Results

Awards 2014-2015

The Society makes a number of Awards each year. Some are in response to specific competitions, and others are in recognition for service either in support of the Society or to agriculture. Details of Awards will be listed as they are made during the year.

Queen Mother’s Handwriting Competition – Handwriting Schedule 2015

Queen Mother’s Handwriting Competition – Results 2014

Long Service Awards – These were announced at the Peterborough Dinner on the 19th November 15 and were the following Winners

The Tony Whitsed Award, has now been running for 14 years.  It is presented to the steward who has been committed throughout their time, gone beyond their line of duty and been a key member of the team at the Agriculture Society events. This year it was presented to Mr Duncan Burton.

Farm Business Awards – 2015 Winners; and were presented at the Peterborough Dinner on the 19th November 15

East of England Smithfield Festival – 2015 Winners were announced at the Show on the 26-27th November 15

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