The East of England Agricultural Society would like to enhance its membership offering for our 2020 membership renewals. To do this, we want to ask a selection of our members to be involved in the process, to make sure that we are providing a package that reflects the wants and needs of our membership.

We are looking for a diverse group of 10-12 people who have an interest in the Society and its future and represent different career backgrounds, locations and ages, to make sure we get a varied and representative set of ideas.

The group will meet twice, with an additional meeting if required. Ideally, we would like group members to be able to attend both sessions (see details below).

23rd May 2019
Session 1- Introduction and Brainstorming session

🔸 Introduction and Background
🔸 What direction is the Society heading?
🔸 Why are we changing the membership?
🔸 What is the end goal?
🔸 SWOT- the current membership package
🔸 Brainstorming session
🔸 Initial Review

20th June 2019
Session 2- Summary & Refinement

🔸Recap from previous session
🔸SMART objectives

Refreshments will be included.

If you would like be involved, please sign up below or get in touch with Ruth Trolove: email or call 01733 363509