One of the main aims of the Society is to promote agriculture through education. Since our inception, this is exactly what we have done.

From helping the public to understand more about agriculture, developing technical events for farmers to teaching children the whole field to fork process, education is really at our heart.

Over the years the delivery of our education strategy has changed and moved with the times. In 2012 we launched Kids Country which is now one of the largest primary school agricultural education programmes

From primary schools to budding young professionals, our Cultiv8 group is designed for people interested in the agri-food industry and offers positive minded people to share ideas and knowledge.

kids country event

Our Education Initiatives

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Kids Country delivers exceptional, hands-on learning experiences for primary school children based around food, farming and the countryside.

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Managed by the East of England Agricultural Society, the Marshal Papworth fund provides scholarships for people in developing countries. These scholarships allows them to come over to England and partake in agricultural and horticultural courses.

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Cultiv8 is our group for young professionals working within the rural sector. We run a series of talks from soil health to rural policing and visits varying from farms to breweries.