Applications open for RASC 2020 Commonwealth Agriculture Conference

By 9th March 2020News

The East of England Agricultural Society is offering five bursaries for our Society members to represent us at The Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) conference and Next Generation Forum. This year the conference will be held in Norfolk, UK, from the 30th June to the 11th of July.

The Conference

The Next Generation programme 5th – 6th July takes place in advance of the main conference with representative’s hand-selected by RASC member societies. They come from over 50 leading national and regional agricultural societies, associations and research bodies working in 20 Commonwealth countries. They are all under 40 years of age and bring a wide range of experiences.

The RASC Next Generation strategic intent is to develop an international network and support system that will foster the collaboration and exchange of ideas between the NG delegation and promote next-generation leadership within the RASC and its member societies, much like Cultiv8, but on an international scale!

The 29th Commonwealth Agriculture Main Conference, 7th – 9th July will focus on improving the interaction of circular economies and agriculture in sustainably overcoming the challenges that food production currently poses. It aims to look into key trends that are going to characterise agriculture and food production over the next 20 years.


Applicants must;
• Be aged between 25 and 40 at the time of the conference (a requirement for ‘Next Generation’ Conference)
• Be a member of the East of England Agricultural Society.
• Be actively involved in the farming, food or allied industries.
• Provide a report on the experience and present to the society council upon return.

How to apply

Complete the form below and return it with a written application of no more than 400 words stating your involvement with the East of England Agricultural Society, your background and experience, how you will benefit from the award and how the Society will benefit from supporting you.
The successful applicants will be chosen by a panel appointed by the East of England Agricultural Society. Their decision will be final and the Society reserves the right not to make any award.
With the conference being held in the UK for 2020, it was felt that the applicants should cover the cost of their accommodation. This has, in turn, enabled the Society to send more applicants to the main and NG conference. Click the link below to download the application form.

RASC Conference Bursary application 2020

Applications must be returned by Friday 8th May