Harvest Barn Farm Shop & Cafe

By 4th February 2021

Stephen & Lynn Briggs opened Harvest Barn Farm Shop at Whitehall Farm in January 2018. They have been farming at Whitehall Farm since 2007 & are first-generation farmers with a passion for quality local food & wildlife. The 250-acre farm grows cereals, vegetables and fruit crops. The farm is a certified organic farm. The oats they grow are certified gluten-free.

They hold a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (HLS) agreement with Natural England. The farm has over 25 acres of wildflowers, pollen & nectar-rich species, rough grasses and wild bird food, along with ‘scruffy’ ditch & field edges which are a Haven for wildlife.

In 2009 they planted 4500 apple trees as part of the UK’s largest Agroforestry system (growing trees & crops in the same fields). This helps improve our soil & benefits biodiversity, ecology & wildlife. There are always Bees & Earthworms working hard on the farm to help us and our staff with our job as farmers. We have a small, friendly team here at Harvest Barn, who will always be on hand to help with any queries or questions about the shop or farm.