Happy Chicks Day

TBC 2024

Come and have an EGGCELLENT morning, EGGSPLORING the wonderful world of chickens!

Spring arrives at the Showground with children able to learn all about poultry, hens, and eggs. Science, nutrition and animal care are taught in a stimulating and hands-on environment where you can hold a new-born chick.

In partnership with the Happy Chick Company, Kids Country are delighted to welcome your school to our Happy Chicks Event

Just £4.80 (inc VAT) per child

“The children were very excited about holding the chicks. They came back and told their parents all about it and have now produced some lovely work around this” – Spalding Primary School

Watch our 2019 event here:

Happy Chicks Day 2019

  • Discover the science inside the egg, and understand the life cycle from embryo to chicken
  • Touch and hold young chicks and chickens*
  • Alternative hatching – get up close with ducklings and quails
  • Learn to identify bird eggs by the different colours, shapes and sizes
  • Nutrition and the energy eggs give us
  • A geography of eggs

*All parent stock birds from the Happy Chick Company are fully vaccinated and undergo regular testing to ensure that eggs are laid pathogen free. Eggs are treated with an industry approved sanitizer. We will ensure safe handling at all times and provide hand washing facilities on site.

The staff were all very knowledgeable, and we enjoyed the trip from start to end. A fantastic morning.

St George's School

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