Society seeks funding for agricultural STEM ENTHUSE Partnership

By 13th June 2019News

Agriculture and farming remain one of the best kept secrets in the career market place, with a vast array of challenging and rewarding roles available across the entire food chain. Unfortunately, the public perception of food and farming sets a very different scene, meaning that agriculture misses out on attracting new people who may potentially bring new approaches to the challenges we as an industry face.

With a shortage of candidates and a rapidly growing requirement for people with skills new to agriculture, the East of England Agricultural Society is taking a lead by teaming up with STEM Learning to launch a programme in the Society’s area to generate interest and inform young people about modern agriculture.

One way of achieving this is to focus on STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS) subjects, which are vital to every aspect of agriculture. Helping schools, especially teachers, with CPD, training, resources and support allows for the cultivation of links that connect students to exciting career opportunities.

To stimulate this, the East of England Agricultural Society is taking the lead by launching a campaign within the industry to raise funds for a STEM ENTHUSE Partnership in the Society’s area to recruit, inspire and support a new generation within the agriculture, agri-tech and agri-food sectors.

What is an ENTHUSE Partnership?

ENTHUSE Partnerships are a proven model for achieving lasting improvement in STEM. With financial and practical support from its sponsor, each partnership brings together 4-8 schools or colleges to work closely with STEM Learning to develop a tailored two-year programme to improve STEM knowledge, skills, confidence and career aspiration.

Launch and call for sponsorship

Launching at Cereals on the 12th & 13th June at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire, the Society is looking to talk to any businesses, charities or individuals who would like to become a sponsor for the ENTHUSE Partnership alongside the East of England Agricultural Society.

“Agriculture is dependent on STEM subjects, from the most basic agricultural principles we as farmers take for granted, to the science driving modern farming, new technology, plant breeding and robots to increase productivity or mathematical and engineering concepts to help create and sustain the Agi-Food sector for the future. It’s our responsibility to enthuse and develop the next generation who will lead our industry,” said William Haire, Agricultural Business Development Manager for the East of England Agricultural Society. “We are excited to be involved with this project and will be joined at Cereals by STEM regional network lead Daniel Lewin, who will be on hand to explain more about the benefits of the ENTHUSE Partnership plus the STEM Ambassadors programme, of which there are 40,000 across the UK.”

Learn More

To find out more about becoming involved in the Agri-Tech STEM ENTHUSE Partnership visit the East of England Agricultural Society stand no 213 at Cereals or contact Agricultural Project & Marketing Manager Kerry Buttriss on or 01733 234451.