Grow Your Own Produce (Harvesting)*

June 2023 – SOLD OUT

The children return to the East of England Showground to harvest their crop of potatoes, have them weighed, and make delicious potato dishes.

Watch our 2019 event here:

Grow oyur own potatoes

Planting of the Seed Potatoes and Lettuce

  • “Tatty Planting Time” – Historic re-enactment with Farmer Clive
  • Learn about planting cycles and farm machinery used
  • Understand inputs and outputs of a metre square field of potatoes
  • Hands-on planting for children of potatoes and lettuce with Albert Bartlett, Burgess Farms and G’s Fresh
  • Learn about the different types of potatoes

Harvesting of the Crops

  • Historic re-enactment – picking, sorting and riddling with Farmer Luke and Farmer Clive
  • Harvest and weigh your potatoes. Compete to see which school had the best crop!
  • Learn how potatoes and lettuce fit into a healthy diet
  • Understand consumer choice and taste a variety of potato dishes

Just £6.00 (inc VAT) per child for two-part event

This event makes children curious about their food and where it comes from, and the learning continues long after we get back to school. I am sure that as a result of growing their own vegetables, the children are more willing to try them.

Newark Hill Academy

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