Promoting Agriculture
and Rural Life in the
East of England

Who are we?

The East of England Agricultural Society is a registered agricultural charity, currently based at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. The Society has a rich history dating back to 1797 and our core goals are much the same now as they were at its inception, with the focus centred around promoting agriculture and rural life in the East of England.

Our Initiatives

Cultiv8 Logo
Kinds Country Logo
Marshal Papworth Logo
Cultiv8 is the East of England Agricultural Society membership group for young professionals aged between 18-40 working within the rural sector.
Kids Country is our education programme for children in Key Stages 1 & 2. The programme delivers exceptional, hands-on interactive learning experiences for children, based around food, farming and the countryside.
Managed by the East of England Agricultural Society, the Marshal Papworth fund provides scholarships for people in developing countries to come over to England and partake in agricultural and horticultural courses.

Latest News

Postponement of AGM and cancellation of Council meeting scheduled for 16th June 2020

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In these unprecedented times with the coronavirus we are unable to hold a physical meeting. Therefore, during a virtual Board meeting on 14th April, the Trustees passed a motion to postpone…

Innovation under the spotlight at Cereals LIVE 2020

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Innovation is the key to agricultural efficiencies and productivity, and Cereals LIVE will be bringing new technologies to farmers through its online seminar programme. For the first time ever, Cereals…

The Queen Mother’s Handwriting Awards are set to continue

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The Queen Mother's Handwriting Awards are still going ahead this year. We have spoken with the judges and will be changing the judging process to comply with the government guidelines…