Eat Seasonally

As everyone knows, the four seasons of the UK vary incredibly from freezing winters to scorching summers which have many benefits for the British food scene.

The nature of our seasonal climate means we get a wide range of delicious fruit and vegetables throughout the year that we can enjoy in copious amounts! Check out the resources below to find out why you should be eating seasonally and a handy guide from Countryside Online on how to do so!

What are the benefits of eating seasonal British produce?

1.  It’s Cheaper

Food in season is often cheaper as it hasn’t needed to be transported a long distance

2.  It’s Tastier

Seasonal food is often tastier, fresher and more nutritious

3.  Less Energy

Eating seasonal food reduces the energy required to produce and transport the food 

4.  Support Local

You are supporting local farmers and local food businesses

How to eat seasonally

Nowadays, with supermarkets stocking all of your favourite fruit and vegetables all year round, it can be hard to stay on track with what is in season and what is being imported from hundreds and thousands of miles away!

Have a look at the resources below to learn what is in season right now and make sure to have a look for these items next time you are in the supermarket or your local farm shop! Also, don’t forget to have a look at our recipes page to get some seasonal culinary inspiration.

Check out our recipes

Countryside Online

One of our favourite guides to help you identify what fruit and vegetables are in season comes from Countryside Online (part of the NFU). Their interactive chart allows you to set filters on seasons, months and fruit/veg to make it easier to work out what you should be buying.

You can also click on the different food items to hear stories from the growers and find out more information about the food.

Explore the guide

Recipes from Riverford

Riverford Organic is most well known for its seasonal, sustainable and organic vegetable boxes that are delivered all over the UK. On their website, they have handily split their recipe page into the different seasons to make it easier for you to identify and buy British seasonal produce (as well as some fantastic looking recipes)!

Riverford Seasonal RecipesCheck out our recipe page