#BackBritishFarming 🇬🇧

The East of England Agricultural Society’s core aim is to promote agriculture and rural life. Take a moment to look through the external resources below and on our “How to #BackBritish Farming” page to discover other ways in which you can support fantastic local farming & food businesses, and utilise their various educational resources to help you better understand how you can #BackBritishFarming.


Over the last year, it has been so great to see so many people turning their focus to supporting great local businesses.

BigBarn is the UK’s number one local food website aiming to promote local food producers and independent retailers. Their mission is to reverse the anti-social trend of mass production food by reconnecting consumers with their local producers, direct, or through local retailers, and encourage local trade.

To achieve this, they have created a map of over 8,800 outlets that sell the freshest, locally produced food and drink in your area. Check out the map below and if you wanted to learn more about BigBarn, click here.

NFU Online

No article about helping you back British farming would be complete without mentioning the thorough and interesting resources that belong to NFU Countryside Online. The National Farmers Union has been proudly supporting and lobbying on the behalf of UK agriculture for decades.
Their website has insightful and transparent information on how you can support British farming including their interactive seasonal guide to British fruit and vegetables and their handy supermarket guides letting you know which supermarkets source their meat, eggs, dairy, fruit and vegetables from the UK.

Over the festive period, they also have their useful Turkey Finder to help support local British Turkey producers!

Eat Wild

Did you know that Game meat is one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and versatile meats? Eat Wild is a recent campaign set up by the British Game Alliance in late 2018. The campaign is targeted at the consumer, emphasising the benefits of game meat in a way that you likely have not seen before.
Their website features recipes such as Fire Pit Pheasant Meatballs and Miso Pheasant Skewers alongside resources to educate the consumer of the nutritional values of game and the sustainability benefits (as wild game has a lower carbon footprint than most mass-produced meats).

Love British Food

Love British Food are a small, independently funded organisation with a passion for encouraging people and spreading the awareness of food that is produced in Great Britain.
The focal point of their activities is British Food Fortnight, the national celebration of our food that takes place every at the same time as the Harvest Festival, the traditional time for celebrating our food. The Fortnight is now established annually as the biggest national celebration of British food.

See our “How to #BackBritishFarming” page for a range of resources to help you buy local British food and support our industry.