Grow Your Own Produce (Planting)*

March 2024

Each year, the Kids Country team hit the road and visit schools in the area to deliver both Grow your own Planting & Harvesting events

We want children to know the importance of home grown produce! Our hands-on experiences will demonstrate how to grow and enjoy potatoes and lettuce as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

This spud-tacular event gives children the chance to plant their own seed potatoes and lettuce, take them back to their schools, and learn how to look after them. The Kids Country Team will return to your school later in the year to harvest the children’s potatoes, have them weighed, and make delicious potato dishes

“A wonderful opportunity for children to grow their own food. The activities were really hands on and the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it” – William Law CoE Primary

Watch our 2019 event here:

Grow your own potatoes

Planting of the Seed Potatoes and Lettuce

  • “Tatty Planting Time” – Historic re-enactment with Farmer Clive
  • Learn about planting cycles and farm machinery used
  • Understand inputs and outputs of a metre square field of potatoes
  • Hands-on planting for children of potatoes and lettuce with Albert Bartlett, Burgess Farms and G’s Fresh
  • Learn about the different types of potatoes

Harvesting of the Crops

  • Historic re-enactment – picking, sorting and riddling with Farmer Luke and Farmer Clive
  • Harvest and weigh your potatoes. Compete to see which school had the best crop!
  • Learn how potatoes and lettuce fit into a healthy diet
  • Understand consumer choice and taste a variety of potato dishes

Just £6.00 (inc VAT) per child for two-part event

This event makes children curious about their food and where it comes from, and the learning continues long after we get back to school. I am sure that as a result of growing their own vegetables, the children are more willing to try them.

Newark Hill Academy

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