Farming Conference Speaker- Peter Melchett

By 8th September 2017Farming Conference


Our second confirmed East of England Farming Conference Speaker is Peter Melchett, Organic farmer and Policy Director of the Soil Association.

Peter Melchett has been Policy Director of the Soil Association, the UK’s main organic food and farming organisation, since 2001.  He runs an organic farm in Norfolk, is a member of BBC’s rural affairs committee and has served on government committees on climate change, organic farming and school meals. He was a Labour House of Lords Government Minister 1974-79, at the departments of Environment, Industry and Northern Ireland (covering education and health), and Director of Greenpeace UK 1985-2000. Greenpeace started global campaigning against GM crops in 1997. Peter was one of 28 volunteers arrested for removing GM maize in 1999 – all were found not guilty in subsequent court cases.

Theme: Grow or Go

Location: East of England Showground

Date: 2nd November

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