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Welcome to The East of England Agricultural Society website. The Society was formed in 1970 by a merger of agricultural societies that trace their history back to the 18th century. British Food and Farming are ever present media topics – and rightly so given the importance they have for our health and our economy. As a registered charity the Societies main focus is the promotion and support of agriculture and rural life. You will find from within these pages a good deal of the information as to the work being done by the Society, and ways in which others are invited to become involved.

The Society has an active programme for knowledge transfer among farmers and others engaged in the technical side of the agri sector. Recognising that the next generation has to deal with the challenges being set today, the Society has a fun education programme delivered under its Kids Country banner. Recognising its responsibilities to those less fortunate than ourselves, its Marshal Papworth Committee works hard to support agri knowledge in supporting students from Africa with studies in the UK.

The Society works hard to develop collaborative opportunities with other charities and educational bodies, and is a knowledge bank on hand to support others concerned with food, farming and the countryside. It is committed to help others along the way from its Showground base in Alwalton Peterborough – a site that can park up to 22000 cars and has within it, over 20 miles of roadway and a 2500 seater grandstand and arena, along with a huge modern exhibition hall.

Events outside of the charitable remit are delivered via the Society’s events company which trades as Peterborough Arena, and a look at the Arena website will reveal the many events held at the Showground including a number geared to the agricultural sector. All of this is delivered with the aid of a membership which covers farmers through to children. Anyone interested in supporting the Society’s objectives is welcomed into membership and will find many and varied ways of getting involved in all we do.

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Eoe Peterborough Arena
On behalf of Potato Council, I would like to thank Sandra and everyone else involved, for a fantastic event and some very unique ways of getting the potato messages over to a very young audience in such an engaging way. The more interactive a workshop is the more a child will engage and listen and I feel that each of the four workshops managed this wonderfully.

Sue Lawton
Education Co-ordinator
Potato Council

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