A fresh new format for the Shuttleworth Lecture with ‘The Shuttleworth Series’

By 8th February 2022News

The Shuttleworth Lecture has been a key event in the East of England Agricultural Society’s calendar for almost 20 years. The event has covered a diverse range of topics from agricultural policy to money-making approaches hearing from well-respected speakers including Sarah Hendry, Sir Peter Kendall and Mathew Naylor.

After missing out on the Shuttleworth Lecture for the last two years, 2022 welcomes a change as we introduce a new multi-event format called ‘The Shuttleworth Series’. Our first event in the series titled ‘The Carbon Conversation’, will uncover all areas of one of the hottest topics in agriculture at the moment.

The subject of carbon was a key element of our ‘Cost Out, Cash In’ session at the East of England Farming Conference back in November 2021. Ben Gummer, Co-Founder of Sward raised several questions surrounding carbon credit schemes and natural capital including how carbon should be measured and bigger discussions determining what soil carbon actually is. With so many questions surrounding carbon schemes, regenerative farming approaches, hopefully, this series of events can help resolve issues and inspire intervention.

At ‘The Carbon Conversation’ we look forward to being joined by a range of speakers sharing their approaches and journey to date towards low-carbon agriculture as well as the highs and lows of the current carbon schemes. These include:

  • Thomas Gent – Agreena
  • Tim Field – Agricology – Environmental Surveyor
  • Peter Allen – Local Farmer
  • Phil Jarvis – Albanwise – Chairman of Farming and Environment

Following the presentations, an open discussion will be at the heart of the event to further raise and answer the questions surrounding sustainable farming practices. This will help shape our future events in ‘The Shuttleworth Series’ planned over the next few months.

The discussion will be followed by a short networking drinks reception providing an opportunity to speak to fellow attendees and panellists.

The event takes place at 7 pm on 31 March 20222 at Shuttleworth College. The event is FREE OF CHARGE and open to both members and non-members.

If you are interested in attending, please register your place by CLICKING HERE.