A ‘thank you’ from Ayscoughfee Hall School

By 11th December 2019News

A ‘thank you’ from Ayscoughfee Hall School, Spalding

“I would like to thank Sandra and all of her team from Kids Country for the most amazing learning experience for all of our children at Ayscoughfee Hall School. The organisation and personal planning that went into the event was awesome, I was involved at all stages and it was very personal to our school. Sandra has boundless energy and enthusiasm and is a wonderful person to work with as she is so professional and really has the children’s learning at the heart of all she does. The hours that Sandra and her team put in to make sure the day with the children was successful was really appreciated. The staff and children all felt the day was a great success and the children are still talking about it weeks later.

“The learning that took place throughout the day from eating healthily to how farmers grow food and then how all of that gets to the breakfast plate was at a very high level. The children are able to retain that information because it was taught in such a practical, fun way by enthusiastic volunteers and staff. The discussion and questioning by the pupils showed that they were all highly engaged. The booklet produced meant that children could talk to their parents about the events of the day and l know many of them went home and made more pancakes using the recipe provided! All in all a great experience which we would definitely like to participate in again.

“Thank you so much for ensuring our children from Age 3 to 11 have such a good knowledge now of farming in their local community.”

Clare Ogden


Ayscoughfee Hall School