Breakfast Week served to local school children

By 30th January 2018News

Breakfast Week served to local school children

Over 600 children were taught the story behind a healthy breakfast by the East of England Agricultural Society’s Kids Country team as part of its Breakfast Week initiative.

With the support of Central England Co Operative, lucky pupils from Guyhirn, Woodston and Orton Wistow primary schools were taken on the journey food takes to get to their table so they can enjoy the most important meal of the day. They were then treated to pancakes and sausages cooked by volunteers.

Classrooms were split up into four zones where children learned how many bowls of cornflakes could be produced in a square metre, were taught the ‘pig to plate’ message, and made sausages and pancakes. They also received a visit from three local farmers and their enormous tractors, which were brought into their playgrounds.

Importance of breakfast

Central England Co-op Membership and Community Relations Officer Kym Hunt said: “The children thoroughly enjoyed the Healthy Eating workshops and got to learn all about food packaging and what foods are healthy to eat.

“As an ethical retailer, we are more than happy to support our local schools to help teach the importance of healthy eating and why including five portions of fruit and veg a day is important to a healthy lifestyle.

Children excited to see a tractor at their school for Breakfast Week.

“Our aim is to educate and have a positive impact on the attitudes and behaviour of local people at an earlier age and we were delighted to, once again, be part of the successful Breakfast Week.”

The consumers of the future

The event was the first of the programme run by the Kids Country team, which peaks with the Food and Farming Day on 29 June at the East of England Arena and Showground.  Seven-thousand children will be treated to an unforgettable day, learning about food, farming and the countryside.

Education manager Sandra Lauridsen said “Along with our happy band of volunteers, I never tire of seeing just how much fun children can have learning when given the chance to get involved. They are the consumers of the future and need to be equipped to make decisions about the environment and the importance of a healthy diet.”

Schools wishing to find out more about the forthcoming Kids Country events should click here.