Chickens make children egg-cited

By 8th May 2018News

Chickens make children egg-cited at Happy Chicks Day

Two-hundred egg-cited children got a hands-on opportunity to learn more about chickens at Kids Country’s Happy Chicks day at the East of England Showground.

With the help of The Happy Chick Company, Sacrewell Farm and Farmer Tom, the event had students from Spalding Primary and Woodston Primary engaged and asking questions.

Four interactive, hands-on and educational zones gave the children the chance to learn about poultry, hens and eggs. As well as the importance of science, nutrition and animal care.

Chicken and the egg

The Happy Chick Company taught the children about the different stages of embryo, egg and chick development. Real incubators and brooder boxes containing newly hatched chicks were on display and the children took it in turns to pick up chicks. They discovered how the birds move, breath, feed, grow and even how they go to the toilet!

The children then got to meet Stanley-Anna, a standard Polish bantam, and her two friends Fizzy and Blizzard, both Frizzle Polish bantams. Along with a team of experts from Sacrewell farm, the bantams taught the children what they need to stay happy and healthy. The team discussed the type of food chickens eat, where they sleep, whether they like to play and if they like to run around outside in the fresh air.

Farmer Tom, a real life chicken farmer, took everyone on a journey to find out what a day in the life of a chicken farmer looks like. The children learnt how he wakes up his chickens up every morning by playing music on the radio. Tom then explained how he collects eggs and lets his chickens run around outside.