Happy Chicks and happy children

By 13th May 2019News

Happy Chicks and happy children in Peterborough!

Over 130 primary school children took part in this year’s Kid’s Country Happy Chicks Day, an annual event that this year saw three schools learning all about the science of eggs, chickens, ducks and the wider poultry world.

In partnership with Peterborough-based The Happy Chick Company, children were able to work across different educational zones, experiencing everything from holding chicks, to looking inside the incubators, as well as workshops that explored the science of the egg. Children also learnt about how to look after chicks and chickens from the team at The Happy Chick Company, which operates under the highest ethical and welfare standards.

Heritage farm and education destination Sacrewell Farm also supported the initiative with hatching demonstrations; whilst Thomas Gent provided an interactive area, where he told children all about his day as a chicken farmer, covering everything from doing his morning checks of the shed at 7am through to collecting the eggs at 10.30am, and everything in between and after!

Sandra Lauridsen, Education Manager for Kids Country, The East of England Agricultural Society’s education arm, said: “The Happy Chicks Day has become a really fun way for local school children to get up close and personal with eggs and chickens, which isn’t something they may do in their day to day. Taking the learning outside of the classroom is a really innovative way of teaching the science of how eggs become chicks, and we always get reports back of how the Happy Chicks Day has inspired some amazing projects back in the classroom.”