EEAS Scholar- Milly Fyfe: Course Case Study

Introducing Milly, one of the first to apply for the East of England Agricultural Society’s Scholars Programme, the following is a case study of her Course Experience. If you are inspired by Milly’s experience, please take a look at

Introduction: I recently had the exciting opportunity to participate in the TV Presenter One-to-One Coaching program offered by Aspire Training In London. As someone passionate about honing my presentation skills and breaking into the digital presenting world, I was eager to dive into this experience. In this report, I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of my feedback, highlighting what I’ve learnt and how I will apply this in my work

Engaging Content: The content of the coaching program was nothing short of captivating. From mastering the art of camera presence to understanding the nuances of storytelling, every aspect was covered with depth and clarity. The interactive nature of the sessions kept me thoroughly engaged throughout, ensuring that I absorbed valuable insights at every turn.

Dynamic Coaching Approach: One of the standout features of the program was the dynamic coaching approach adopted by the instructor. He seamlessly combined expert knowledge with a personal touch, tailoring their guidance to my individual needs and aspirations to support the farming industry. Whether I was struggling with vocal delivery or seeking advice on interview techniques, Shaun was always there to provide invaluable support and encouragement.

Practical Exercises: The hands-on approach of the coaching program was immensely beneficial in enhancing my skills. Through a series of practical exercises and simulated scenarios, I was able to put theory into practice and refine my techniques in real time. These exercises not only boosted my confidence but also equipped me with practical strategies that I can apply in my future work.

Constructive Feedback: Throughout the course, I received constructive feedback that was instrumental in my growth as a presenter. The instructor was adept at pinpointing areas where I could improve and offering practical suggestions for refinement. Their insightful critiques were delivered with a supportive demeanour, fostering a positive learning environment where I felt comfortable pushing myself beyond my limits.

Conclusion: In conclusion, my experience with the TV Presenter One-to-One Coaching program exceeded my expectations in every regard. The engaging content, dynamic coaching approach, practical exercises, and constructive feedback collectively contributed to a transformative learning journey. I am immensely grateful to Aspire Training for equipping me with the skills and confidence to pursue my passion for television and social media presenting with renewed vigor. I look forward to applying the invaluable lessons learned in my future work in the food and farming industry.

Thank you once again to the East of England Agricultural Society for this incredible opportunity and supporting me through the Scholars programme.

The final outcome of the session was producing a 4k showreel to showcase my abilities which can be viewed here: