Potatoes power high-energy harvest event

By 8th June 2018News

Potatoes power high-energy harvest event

The Grow Your Own Potatoes Harvesting day gives the children who first visited the first Grow Your Own Potatoes event in March the chance to reap the rewards of their hard work after nurturing their potato and beetroot plants for three months.

The Harvesting day is divided up into four zones, giving the children the opportunity to explore the journey of their potatoes from harvesting to eating.

Getting into the zone

Zone 1: Beetroot. Children harvested their own beetroot plants and taste tested several delicious varieties of beetroot made by G’s Fresh ready for the supermarkets.

Zone 2: The potato salad zone went down a hit! The children got to make their own potato salads using a wide variety of fresh salad/vegetable items alongside the all-important potatoes. There were happy faces all around when the time came to try out the potato salad creations.

Zone 3: The children harvested their own potato plants. This was a huge success with all five schools involved being able to take home the fruits of their labour – or in this case vegetables! Everyone loved getting stuck in and getting their hands dirty to search for the potatoes in the soil, with the hope of having the most successful crop of the day.

Zone 4: History of the potato process. The children engaged in activities farmers would have undertaken in the past when harvesting their own potatoes. This included picking, sorting and riddling. With the help of our volunteer farmers, Luke and Clive, the children were even given a demonstration of a potato rocker machine.