Free advice and support through the AHDB Farm Business Review

By 15th February 2022News

The AHDB Farm Business Review service funded by Defra is independent and offers an online self-assessment tool, expert advice and peer support to help farm businesses prepare for the biggest agricultural policy shift in a generation. The service will be available until the end of June 2022. Designed for dairy, beef, sheep, cereals and oilseeds farmers who are most affected by the move away from direct payments, the online Farm Business Review tool includes the following elements:

  • BPS Impact Calculator: How will BPS reductions impact your business?
  • Business Resilience Assessment: Is your business fit and ready for the future?
  • KPI Express Calculator: How well is your farm performing?

To help interpret, analyse and discuss the results each farmer will receive free half a day’s 1:1 support with a consultant.  An action plan and next steps will be agreed upon, farmers will then be invited to a group feedback meeting to hear the latest information on policy changes and discuss options.

Those with the greatest need for additional support will be offered bespoke on-farm advice to support specific areas of their business:

  • Benchmarking – a full calculation of the cost of production at the enterprise level with a tailored report and benchmarks
  • Business planning – an in-depth review of farm accounts and budgeting to support forward planning and succession
  • Carbon audit – a carbon audit and plan of management options

Paul Aldridge, a mixed farmer with arable land from Wiltshire “…would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to unpack the finer details of their operation … this service has helped me identify a clearer path when it comes to adding value to our operation.”

For more information visit AHDB’s website HERE.

Sign up for the service through the AHDB Farm Business Review tool HERE.

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